Vote for a Greener Water Reclamation Board!

Cook County's Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is one of the largest waste treatment and flood prevention agencies in the world. Overseen by an elected Board of Commissioners, this taxpayer-funded agency is also one of Cook County's largest governmental bodies, with over 2,000 employees and an annual operating budget of well over a billion dollars.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, or MWRD, is responsible for:

  • Flood prevention and abatement in Cook County
  • Wastewater and sewage treatment for most of Cook County (a handful of suburban municipalities have their own sewer authority)
  • Water quality testing in the Chicago Area Waterway System, which covers 76 miles of navigable waterways all across Cook County

For more than 20 years, all Commissioners elected to the Board have been Democrats. The Green Party is running a full slate of five candidates in 2018 on a unified platform that prioritizes flood-preventing infrastructure, independent oversight of the agency's massive budget, and governmental reforms to end the entrenched culture of pay-to-play, cronyism, and nepotism.

Vote Green Party candidates for clean water, clean soil, and clean government!

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    MWRD: Incumbent Commissioner Doubles Down on Donation Falsehood


    Incumbent Democrat claims to follow Cook County campaign contribution limits; has violated them nearly 50 times.

    In a candidate questionnaire made public Sunday, responding to a question about campaign contributions from entities that receive Metropolitan Water Reclamation District contracts, incumbent MWRD Commissioner Debra Shore told the Chicago Sun-Times "I have sought to impose as my own standard the same limits on contributions from companies doing business with the MWRD that members of the Cook County Board follow."

    It's the same claim Shore, a Democrat, made in a March 2018 Daily Herald article on the appearance of pay-to-play politics at the wastewater management agency. There's one problem: the claim wasn't true in March, and it's become even less true since.

    Shore's campaign committee has taken donations in excess of the limits she claims nearly 50 times, including multiple donations since the 2018 primaries.

    Donations to candidates for Cook County Board from "entities doing business or seeking to do business" with the government are limited to $750 in the primary cycle and another $750 in the general election cycle. 

    Since the 2018 primaries, the Friends of Debra Shore campaign committee has taken $1000 from Christopher Burke Engineering and $2500 from Greeley & Hansen, both recipients of multiple MWRD contracts. 

    In prior cycles, the campaign committee had taken donations in excess of the Cook County contribution limits on "entities doing business or seeking to do business" at least 45 times, as detailed in earlier research done by the Illinois Green Party

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