Cook County: Vote Green on March 20th - Here's How!

Thank you for visiting our "How to Vote" page! To contest all five open seats on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board of Commissioners in November, we need at least 1,720 write-in votes for Green Party candidate Geoffrey Cubbage at the March 20th primary election, so your vote is critically important. 

(For more information on the write-in-only primary, and why voters have to cast write-in votes for one of the five MWRD Board of Commissioner seats, visit our FAQ page.)

How to Cast Your Write-in Vote

On Cook County ballots, the write-in-only election for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner will appear as the "Unexpired 2-Year Term (Vacancy of Bradford)" ballot line, below all the other Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner ballot lines and above the President of County Board ballot line.

The "Vacancy of Bradford" term is the only place on the Green Party ballot where write-in votes will be counted, so be sure you are writing in on the "Vacancy of Bradford" section of the ballot, and not any of the other Metropolitan Water Reclamation District sections.

You must ask for a Green Party ballot to vote for Geoffrey Cubbage. Write-in votes on other parties' ballot will not be counted. Double-check to make sure you were given the Green Party ballot!


To vote for Geoffrey Cubbage on a paper ballot, write the name "Geoffrey Cubbage" in the blank space next to the words "write-in/voto por escrito," and then fill in the arrow on the same line so that it is a complete, connected arrow. Continue with the paper ballot, and turn it in when finished.

To vote for Geoffrey Cubbage on the touchscreen machines, touch the "Write-in" box on the screen. A keyboard will appear. Using the keyboard, type "Geoffrey Cubbage." Use the space key to separate the first and last names. When finished, press the "OK" button and continue with the touchscreen ballot. 

Voter Registration & Voting Information

  • You must be a registered Illinois voter in Cook County to vote in the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District primary. If you are not sure about your registration status, use the Board of Elections registration look-up tool to confirm your registration status and find your polling place. You can also check your information with the Cook County Clerk voter information tool if you live in suburban Cook County, or the Chicago Board of Elections voter information tool if you live in the city of Chicago.

  • If you are not currently registered, you can register online until March 5th, after which you can register at any of the early voting sites. First-time registrations or change-of-address registrations will require two forms of ID, one of which must include the voter's current address. Voters may also register at their home polling place on Election Day, March 20th, but two forms of valid ID are required, including one showing the voter's current address.

  • Election Day is March 20th, but you can cast your ballot during early voting, starting March 5th, at any of the Cook County early voting locationsAsk for a Green Party ballot, or select the Green Party ballot option on the touchscreen machines. Votes cast for Geoffrey Cubbage on any other party's ballot will not be counted.

  • If you plan to vote on Election Day, you can find your home polling place using the Cook County Clerk voter information tool (for suburban Cook County voters), or the Chicago Board of Elections voter information tool (for Chicago voters). 

  • A small number of suburban Cook County municipalities lie outside the boundaries of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. If you live in or near Barrington, East Dundee, Frankfort, Park Forest, or South Chicago Heights, you may not see the MWRD election on your ballots. However, you can vote for your Township Committeeman on the Green Party ballot if one is running, and all state, county, and township referendum questions will be printed on all parties' ballots.

Looking for more info? See our FAQ page, or Donate or Volunteer to help us reach the required number of write-in votes!