Vote for a Greener Water Reclamation Board!

The Water Reclamation Board of Greater Chicago oversees one of the largest waste treatment programs in the nation. In 2018, three Commissioner seats will be up for election.

Vote Green Party candidates for a greener, cleaner Cook County!

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    Greens on the Ballot!

    Monday, Dec. 11, 2017 - The final day to file objections to candidate ballot access petitions has passed, and the Illinois Green Party slate for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board of Commissioners went unchallenged. Your Illinois Greens will be on the ballot in the March 20, 2018 primary election!

    The slate of candidates representing the Illinois Green Party will be:

    • Chris Anthony, 6-year full term
    • Karen Roothaan, 6-year full term
    • Tammie Vinson, 6-year full term
    • Rachel Wales, 2-year unfinished term
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